Imerge: ultimate digital security

Imerge Experience: Ultimate Digital Security

An Imerge Media Server offers you the ultimate security : whether your concern is the integrity of the media library, content available to children or young people or even your personal data.

Internet Security
If you have concerns about unsuitable content on the internet the best solution is to provide only your own. With hundreds of movies and thousands of music tracks there's plenty to watch and listen to.

One of the most annoying aspects of optical disc players in general is the risk that occasionally a disc will fail to play or will stop during playback. This could be for compatibility reasons or because the disc has become damaged, something that is a great risk when children watch their favourites frequently. Archiving your media to a high-reliability disk array overcomes these problems. Once archived the original disc can be safely stored and media played from hard disk. With Imerge XiVASafe RAID 6 disk array technology, temperature sensing variable speed fans and dual, hot swap power supplies your digital storage system is as reliable as it gets.

Personal Cloud
The Imerge MS1-3D / XiVASafe offers you a 'personal cloud' high-reliability storage resource on your own network, so there's huge data capacity but no risk of any unauthorized access to your data.

Expansion of your system to hold more movies is easy with Imerge - just upgrade or add to your hard disk storage array.

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