Imerge Legacy products

MS1-HD MediaServer
Imerge MS1-HD
The MS1-HD was the first generation of MS1 series MediaServers, now superseded by the MS1-3D.

This was the state of the art and one of the very first and finest HD capable media servers available. Now surpassed by the MS1-3D.
S3000 SoundServer
Imerge S3000
The S3000 was the fourth generation of SoundServer product with custom analogue/digital circuits offering superior audio quality.

It featured a completely redesigned Graphical User Interface combining sleek style and simple usability to provide a first-class browsing and control experience.
MP1000 MediaPlayer
Imerge MP1000
The MP1000 is a network media player for the MS5000 MediaServer that allows you to expand the number of playback sources. Up to six MP1000s can be added to a single MS5000 over a gigabit network, offering seven simultaneous movie streams

MS5000 SoundServer
Imerge MS5000
The MS5000 was our first generation flag ship media server offering five discrete audio outputs and two video outputs for control and movie play out.

Its 3TB of storage provided capacity for 700-1000 hours of DVDs and music with the added protection of RAID 5.

NP200 Net Player
Imerge NP200
The NP200 was a compact audio system which combined a network audio player, Internet Radio tuner and an FM/AM tuner all in one unit.

The NP200 allowed you to remotely play the music content from a S2000 or M2000 product via an ethernet connection.

S2000MkII SoundServer
Imerge S2000MkII
Although the S2000 MkII looked physically the same as the original S2000, it had a new custom built motherboard with a separate Wolfson audio DAC board for audio and a range of other enhancements.

M2000 SoundServer
Imerge M2000
The M2000 was the updated replacement for the classic M1000 offering up to 16 outputs and a storage capacity of up to 500Gb. It featured a TV interface and same core functionality as the original S2000.

S2000 SoundServer
Imerge S2000
The S2000 was the third generation of SoundServer product with for the first time a custom built motherboard and analogue/digital circuits offering superior audio quality.

It featured a new UI and support for album coverart that was downloaded along with the CD meta data.
S1000 SoundServer
Imerge S1000
The S1000 was the second SoundServer product developed by Imerge. Originally intended to be launched as a single output product, hence its 'S' denotion was upgraded to support up to 3 independent discrete outputs due to popular demand. Notably, on 2 and 3 output units the last output was digital only.

This was the first product to feature a TV user interface (UI) for control in addition to the IR, XiVALink
M1000 SoundServer
Imerge M1000
The M1000 was the first SoundServer product conceived and manufactured by Imerge. It was cutting edge technology in 1999, capable of delivering up to 16 independent outputs of music with a staggering (at the time) maximum storage capacity of 240GB