MiniClient: features

MiniClient front panel MiniClient rear panel
  • Extremely compact
    At 190(W) x 135(D) x 25(H)mm - Suitable for applications where space is premium, this unit can be placed behind TV to deliver high quality movies
  • 2D Blu-ray / upscaled DVD playback without compromise
    Connecting to the MS1-3D system via Gigabit LAN enables the MiniClient to deliver HD movies in native HD resolution (no transcoding applied or required) and can play 3D movies in 2D.
  • Blu-ray HD Audio
    The MC1-HD MiniClient supports Dolby TrueHD / DTS HD / Multi-channel PCM / PCM in addition to other legacy Dolby Digital / DTS formats.
  • True 24p playback
    Dynamically adjusts the re-fresh rate for optimal smooth playback depending on the movie (BD/DVD)
  • HDMI Output
    In order to ensure best possible quality the MC1-HD MiniClient is digital only - there are no analogue connectors.
  • Easy Control
    IR remote controlled via separate receiver (supplied) or over the network (XIVALink through any control system)
  • Low Power consumption
    The MC1-HD MiniClient is very frugal, especially important for marine installations, and uses an efficient external power unit.
  • Versatile Installation
    The MC1-HD MiniClient comes with a VESA bracket for mounting on the back of a stand mounted TV or can be wall, shelf or table mounted for convenience.
MiniClient VESA / wall mounting bracket