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The Imerge MC1-HD MiniClient offers local playback of HD movies and music without compromise using the same renowned Imerge user interface as its bigger relatives.

This powerful, compact unit works in conjunction with the new Imerge MS1-3D range of media servers to offer local playback of DVDs as well as music and 2D HD movies, including full HD audio. Weighing just 450g and smaller than two DVD cases, the Imerge MC1-HD MiniClient is supplied with a VESA 75/100 mounting bracket so that it can be mounted or hidden behind a TV screen without being obtrusive or detracting from the room décor. On a Super yacht with many cabins, for example, customers can archive and store all of their music and movies on the main MS1-3D server, yet still provide playback to each zone individually and with no compromise in sound or picture quality.

Each MC1-HD MiniClient connects to the main MS1-3D server, which can be housed in an equipment room, using Gigabit Ethernet, thus doing away with costly and unsightly wiring. As well as delivering 2D HD playback via the MiniClient, the main server can also store and play DVDs as well as 2D and 3D Blu-ray movies in full 1080p High Definition quality to larger screens and movie theatres. Should other additional 3D zones be required, more MS1-3D clients can be added into the system, thus also providing the ability to locally add CDs and DVDs to the system.

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