Imerge MS1-3D media server: FAQ

General FAQs
? Is there a subscription fee for using the Gracenote/GD3/AMG database lookup service?
? Does the Imerge MS1-HD/3D system need to be connected to the Internet to import CDs or DVDs?
? How is the Imerge MS1-HD system different from a DVD/CD auto-changer?
? Can I burn CDs or DVDs with the Imerge MS1-HD/3D system?
? What is the maximum storage I can have?
? Is the Imerge MS1-HD/3D system UPnP or DLNA compliant?
? What happens if a hard disk drive fails?
? Is this another PC based product?

Control and Automation FAQs
? Can I control the Imerge MS1-HD/3D system from my PC or Mac computer?
? Do I need a third party control system to use my Imerge MS1-HD/3D system?
? Which control systems are compatible with the Imerge MS1-HD/3D?

Video related FAQs
? How much storage space is needed by a DVD?
? Can the movies imported into my Imerge system be viewed in other rooms or other homes?
? Can I restrict viewing of certain movies?
? Can I change the BBFC rating of a movie so that it cannot be played by my children?
? Can I import and playback DVDs from more than one region?
? Can the Imerge MS1-HD/3D system import and play encrypted DVDs?
? How do I change the region code on a Imerge MS1-HD/3D player?
? I have a big collection of movies. How do I search for the one I want to play?
? Can I import my home movies?
? Can I play high definition video?
? Do I need to manually enter the title and all the information about the movies I import?
? Can I import other types of movie file?
? Can I delete movies from the Imerge MS1-HD/3D system?
? Can I disable automatic DVD importing on individual Imerge MS1-HD players?
? Can I select which parts of a DVD to import?
? How many video zones can I have?

Music related FAQs
? How much storage space is needed by a CD?
? How long does it take to import a CD?
? How do I transfer music from my Imerge MS1-HD/3D to my Apple iPod or other portable media player?
? Can I use iTunes Music Store files?
? Can I disable CD importing on individual Imerge MS1-HD/3D players?
? Can I play a CD without importing it?
? Can I create my own playlists?
? How many audio zones can I have?