Ultimate 3D entertainment system

Imerge MS1-3D media server

Imagine a high-performance entertainment system that stores all your music and movies in one place, with the ability to play different media in multiple rooms simultaneously.

A system that archives CD, DVD and 3D Blu-ray content, with Full HD play-back, 1080p upscaling and access to our innovative XiVA online music store. A system with scalable, ultra secure hard disk storage, a highly intuitive and graphically rich user interface and upgradable architecture.

Imagine the Imerge MS1-3D - the world's most advanced media server.

The new Imerge MS1-3D is an entertainment revolution. It is the simplest way to collect, manage and enjoy your media, from CD to DVD, Blu-ray and 3D. The MS1-3D, coupled with the ultra-secure XiVASafe provides you with the most robust storage solution in the industry and allows you to clear the valuable space taken up by the original discs, which can be put into safe storage.

Its intuitive user interface makes it easy for you and your family to gain access to your media library by browsing the cover art of our audio and movie discs. Uniquely among media servers, using the MS1-3D, you can also add new content from a selection of over 15 million tracks in our XiVA online music store without leaving your seat.

The MS1-3D network architecture ensures that your media is delivered in the highest definition possible to any room whenever you want it. With almost unlimited expansion, you can have thousands of movies and albums in multiple rooms at the press of a button.
  • Instantly access personalised video and audio content throughout your home
  • Browse cover-art from your Blu-ray, DVD and music collection.
  • Vast Imerge XiVASafe storage system that can grow even bigger as your collection grows
  • Search your collection by title, genre, or artist and easily create personalised playlists
  • The Imerge MS1-3D's design and architecture provide high reliability
  • Control your Imerge system via remote control, dedicated iPad/iPhone app or from any advanced control system
  • build your collection from anywhere in the world with multi-region playback

MS1-3DXiVASafe MS1-3D + XiVASafe 'Build a bonkers hi-fi', Reg Hardware, July 2012