Imerge MS1-HD media server: features

Imerge MS1-HD and XiVASafe
  • Store and playback your high definition movies and music in multiple rooms
  • True 24p playback - dynamically adjusts the refresh rate for optimal smooth playback depending on the movie (BD/3DBD/DVD)
  • Supports SD and HD video and many popular music formats
  • Flexible storage options, eSATA or iSCSI XiVASafe
  • Instant cover-art / metadata lookup with GD3, AMG and Gracenote
  • Multiple MS1-HD clients can be added with glitch free simultaneous playback
  • Beautiful dedicated 1080p user interface
  • Compatible with most control systems
  • New XiVA music store feature

The Ideal Configuration

The diagram below sets out what we would consider to be the ideal connection arrangement for a multi-room AV system based around MS1-HD units. The ideal Imerge setup connection diagram