The Imerge Experience: MS1-HD

Imerge MS1-HD media server

You can think of the MS1-HD as an electronic librarian that looks after your media. Its jobs include taking in your media on the existing format (audio from CD, movies on DVD or Blu-ray etc.) and filing them away in the data library and indexing them. When you want to access them, it shows you on screen what is in your library and helps you to easily find the media you want from your collection. This is done using a remote control and your screen for the user interface, via an iPhone/iPad Touch app, or one of many other control systems (AMX, Crestron etc.). Once your media are safely in the library, you can tidy the original discs away into storage and use the library copies which the MS1-HD delivers to your screen in full HD.

The MS1-HD itself is not the library; the library is stored on a XiVASafe - an iSCSI device connected through standard gigabit network cables. Here the data are stored on fail-safe arrays of massive hard-drives (RAID), available for instant access. It is also possible to connect an eSATA drive to the device itself.

The MS1-HD can be configured as either a server or a client - any system must have at least one server which acts as an interface to the library, but you can have as many clients as you like - these are connected to the same network as the server and allow you to have direct access to the same library from different parts of your home or yacht.

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MS1-HD MS1-HD Review, Tech Radar, May 2010