Imerge MS5000 SoundServer

Imerge MS5000 Sound Server
MS5000 SoundServer
Platform: Windows XPe
No. of Outputs: 5
Hard disk sizes: 3TB
Manufactured: March 2007 to October 2008
S/W Versions:,,,
Colours: Black
Dimensions: Width = 440 mm
Height = 190 mm
Depth = 520 mm
Weight: 25Kg
The MS5000 was our first generation flag ship media server offering five discrete audio outputs and two video outputs for control and movie play out.

AV1 is the primary output for the home theatre room offering a DVI video output and SPDIF/optical audio output. AV2 is a secondary output for play back and control offering component, S-Video or composite and SPDIF/optical (output 2 only) and 4 discrete analogue audio pairs. Please note: you can not play a movie simultaneously on AV1 and AV2.

Its 3TB of storage provides capacity for 700-1000 hours of DVDs and music with the added protection of RAID 5 (one hard disk redundancy)


  • Single-source High Definition 1080p video/movie server with integrated video scaler and de-interlacer
  • 5-source audiophile-grade SoundServer hard disk music
  • 7-disk multi-terabyte networked RAID server delivering content to local outputs and network media players/computers
  • High quality CD & DVD player
  • Dual graphical user interfaces provide simultaneous TV control by two independent users

The benefits of MS5000's integrated functionality are clear:
  • Better value than integrating individual components
  • No cabling to connect system components
  • Smaller system size (4U) than individual components
  • Unified control of all functions via the on-board TV user interfaces

The MS5000 seamlessly incorporates a truly high-end solution to home entertainment storage. Behind the scenes it uses a high-spec, hardware-based RAID disk system normally found only in professional high-end data servers.
  • High-performance 24-hour RAID protection of the media libraries against failure of a hard disk drive
  • Removable drives: drive replacement without server de-installation
  • 7 removable drive bays for vast AV libraries.
  • 500GB drives fitted gives 3Terabytes for 700 - 1000 hours of video plus 1000s of hours of music

Imerge always painstakingly equips its media appliances with high-grade AV electronics - and MS5000 is no different. This is a dedicated high-end entertainment product, not a general-purpose computer.
  • Custom-designed, audiophile-grade audio electronics, designed in Cambridge, England - home of premium sound for decades.
  • No off-the-shelf PC sound cards
  • Video resolution to 1080p HD
  • Advanced video up-scaling and de-interlacing in hardware
  • Bit-perfect digital audio - no rate conversion
  • Uncompressed (full CD quality), MP3 and WMA audio formats
  • Import music from your home computers & iPods onto the MS5000 and transform your listening enjoyment instantly

With MS5000's custom installation capabilities and Imerge's renowned technical support, we'll get your MS5000-based installation up and running...and keep it running.
  • Experienced support teams in UK and USA
  • Remote management/diagnostics
  • Full-function web browser interface
  • Over-temperature shut-down
  • Based on SoundServer so installation is familiar
  • High-reliability, low-noise fans throughout

MS5000 is the perfect choice for serious multi-room, multi-user convenience. End-users will adore the capabilities, bringing new dimensions to their home entertainment.
  • Fast, responsive access to any piece of video or music from a central media library
  • Custom keyword search
  • Automatic titling/cataloguing with editing
  • Browse and play audio by album cover artwork, album name, artist, genre, personalised user-defined genre, one track/all tracks, year of release, era and playlist
  • Browse and play video by cover artwork, title, classification (rating), genre, year of release, main actor
  • Resume video playback on a different output to that paused
  • User-defined audio genres, genre reassignment and multi-genre assignment of albums
  • Supports DVD Video on-disc menus
  • Advanced rapid audio Playlist and jukebox-style Play Queue creation with multiple marking feature
  • Control music and video playback with any compatible Flash-supporting web browser
  • 110/230V AC mains
  • Approval for CE, FCC, ETL, C-tick, CB, VCCI, RCT
  • Net weight: 25kg


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