Imerge S3000 SoundServer: FAQ

General FAQs
? How do I access the web interface?
? How do I add music to my S3000 from my PC?
? How can I copy music from my S3000 to my PC/iPod/Phone etc?
? How can I find out how much free space is on my S3000?
? I cannot change the network settings from the web interface?
? How can I reset my unit?
? What should my software update settings be?
? How can I backup my media?
? How can I reset my SoundServer?
? Is this another PC based product?

Software FAQs
? I cannot find the option to Update my SoundServer?
? How can I update the S3000 software?

Trouble Shooting FAQs
? My remote control does not appear to control the S3000?
? I am controlling the unit from the front panel, why is the video screen not responding?
? Why does my unit keep shutting down?
? I cannot make tracks look up on Gracenote, why is this?