Imerge S4000 SoundServer: features

S4000 front panel S4000 rear panel

  • The S4000 is our 6th generation SoundServer, built on many years of experience.
  • 500GB of internal storage, sufficient for around 700 CDs stored uncompressed as WAV files, or as many as 80,000 MP3 files (at 128kb/s bitrate).
  • Five independent outputs as standard.
  • New! improved graphical user interface (GUI); simple to use and intuitive. Rediscover your collection.
  • Automatically archive your CD collection - just insert the album and we will take care of the rest.
  • Proven integrated control - works seamlessly with control interface (AMX, Savant, Crestron, Opus etc.) as well as iPod and iPhone apps.
  • Record and play music in uncompressed WAV, MP3 and WMA formats.
  • Auto-record function for rapid loading of multiple CDs
  • Transfer music files and cover art to/from a PC or Mac
  • Audiophile sound quality using custom-engineered electronics
  • Automatic access to extensive on-line CD database
  • Two digital outputs (co-axial and optical)
  • Analogue output via 4 x Wolfson delta-sigma 24-bit DACs
  • uPnP server - add additional uPnP enabled devices
  • Self monitoring system
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.


The redesigned Graphical User Interface (GUI) combines sleek style and simple usability to provide a first-class browsing and control experience. The CoverArt services automatically provide your music with quality cover art images and up to the minute titles for all the latest music. Navigation has been simplified and expanded to include over 100 new features.
  • Intuitive media navigation includes browse by cover art, the era of the music, year of release and individual tracks
  • Built-in web interface viewable by any Flash-enabled web browser
  • More information to help search and navigate your music
  • User definable and multi-assigned genres
  • Browse by individual track names, albums, artists, covers, playlists, genres, years, eras and presets
  • Market leading audio and multi-room heritage
  • Customisable TV interface to suit room decor