XiVASafe: features

Imerge XiVASafe front panel Imerge XiVASafe rear panel
  • Engineered to protect your data by employing fail-safe mechanisms
  • iSCSI RAID 6 dual redundancy, eSATA RAID 1 mirrored peace of mind
  • Dual redundant power supplies
  • All in situ field replaceable service parts - once its in, it stays in!
  • Gigabit ethernet connections
  • 2TB drives onboard - fully scalable storage
  • Full system reporting capability, advance notification to 3 contacts
  • 'Digital Safe' functionality provides secure backup for all data on network
  • Available in 2TB eSATA
  • Available in 3TB, 6TB and 12TB iSCSI
  • Multiple iSCSI XiVASafes can be used so your storage grows as your library does!