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Software or Firmware: XiVA Media Player Import Plugin

The XiVA Plug-in for Microsoft Windows Media Player is designed to allow easy importation of the track listings from the SoundServer S2000 into Windows Media Player.

  • Imerge S2000 MkII (software 5.0 and above)
  • Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 and above
  • Note: There is no upgrade path from previous versions of software/hardware to the new S2000MkII with 5.0 software.
Installation Instructions
  • Download the file from the internet
  • Double click on the file to start installation
  • Follow the on screen instructions
Quick Instructions
  • Connect your S2000 SoundServer to your home network.
  • Connect your computer to your home network.
  • Use DHCP to configure your network (see the networking docs for more details)
  • Check that the S2000 is visible from the PC in "Network Neighbourhood" or similar (see the user guide for further instructions)
  • Enable Server Access on the S2000 (Main Menu > Settings > System Settings > Server Access)
  • Run Windows Media Player on the PC
  • Select TOOLS > PLUGINS > XiVA Media Import

Resource Type: Software or Firmware (File Download)
Download Link: XiVAWMPPluginSetup.exe
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Date 2011-10-03

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