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Software or Firmware: XiVA Transfer

XiVA Transfer is a Windows based PC application to be used with XiVA based SoundServers. It allows the mass transfer of MP3's from a PC to any XiVA SoundServer.

The current Version has the following features:
  • Automatic SoundServer discovery via the local network.
  • Poll an individual folder or entire hard-drive for compatible media files.
  • All metadata is automatically entered from the MP3 file's ID3 tags
  • Select all or locate specific albums/tracks to transfer.
  • Transfer memory - XiVA Transfer remembers which files have been moved and will not create duplicate files on the Server.
  • Intelligent media organisation - Files are always listed by artist and album even if they are stored in different locations
  • Recognizes all XiVA powered Servers back to 1.2.5 software.
  • Compatible with Windows 98, 2000 and XP (SP1 and SP2)
IMPORTANT: This software is only compatible with our legacy products that include the S1000, S2000, S2000 MKII, M1000 and M2000. For newer products including the S3000 and MS5000, media is added via a network import folder. See the product's user guide for more information.

Resource Type: Software or Firmware (File Download)
Download Link: XiVATransfer1.0.0.10.exe
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Size: 2.5 MiB  
Date 2011-10-03

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