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Software or Firmware: XiVA Producer

XiVA Producer is a Windows based PC application to be used with legacy Imerge SoundServers.

Version 3.2.1 has the following features:
  • Browsing - You can see what albums are on your SoundServer
  • Playback - You can choose any track, album or playlist to play on any output.
  • Editing - You can edit any track, album or artist name or change the genre of an album.
  • Deletion - Delete individual tracks or whole albums
  • Playlists - Create and modify playlists
  • Export -Export the music database in a variety of formats including Pronto CCF and many text files.
  • Faster response time to track listing.
  • Recognizes all XiVA powered Servers up to 5.2 software.
  • Compatible with Windows NT4, 2000 and XP (SP1 and SP2)
  • Not fully compatible with Windows Vista, you are not able to manage playlists or view the help file.
  • Not compatible with the S3000, MS5000 and newer products. XiVA Producer has been replaced by the web user interface.

Resource Type: Software or Firmware (File Download)
Download Link: Producer3.2.1.exe
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Date 2011-12-06

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