Imerge Company Profile

Imerge is one of the world's premier manufacturers and developers of movie and music-focussed entertainment servers. We make it simple for users to store their content and replay it, wherever and whenever they want it, with maximum fidelity and minimum fuss.

Cambridge-based Imerge is well-qualified to be the leader in its field. It actually developed the world's first hard drive-based audio server, the SoundServer, back in 1990s. This became the world's No1 selling audio server system and the technology within it a de facto standard.

In 2007 Imerge launched a multi-terabyte, 1080p-capable music/movies multi-room server - dubbed the MS5000 - which has been hailed for setting new standards in usability and reliability, as well as delivering the very highest standards of audio and video performance. In 2008 it launched the state of the art 1080p-capable MP1000 MediaPlayer which, when combined with the MS5000, unlocks a breathtaking range of new installation possibilities.

In 2008, Imerge changed the world by introducing the world's most advanced mediaserver, the MS1, and its associated enterprise grade storage solutions, the XiVASafe. Redefining the way we interact with our media, the MS1 now becomes the MS1-HD, incorporating Blu-ray support, and the revolutionary new XiVA music store.

Since its birth in 1997, Imerge has forged a reputation as being a pioneering business, focussed on developing innovative and exciting products for the home entertainment market. Thanks to early venture capital funding, the company was able to explore a number of dynamic product ranges.

Following its acquisition in 2005 by Nortek Holdings Inc, a leading diversified global manufacturer of innovative, branded residential and commercial ventilation, HVAC and home technology convenience and security products, Imerge defined a core range of product areas that it would focus on, in order to take the company to new heights within the rapidly growing custom install market.

In 2010, Imerge became part of the Prism Sound Group who are investing in the development of new products including the MS1-3D and others yet to come.

Today Imerge has a portfolio of high quality products, powered by XIVA, our own leading edge technology, and sold via a trusted worldwide network of custom installation specialists and distributors.

While Imerge's success has spawned a number of competitors in the market, its product range is consistently regarded as being the most innovative in the sector while its standard of service is without equal. Our aim is to continue to work closely with both our customers and technology partners to create true brand value as we embark on the next stage of our evolution.